Recycling and Refurbishment


The Community Recycling Consortium (CRC) is licensed by the Environment Agency to collect, store, dismantle and refurbish electrical and electronic equipment.

As part of its community focus CRC collect and recycle a large number of computers, laptops, servers and other electronic goods from schools and businesses. These ‘end of life’ products are taken to the workshop where they are examined to establish if they can be given an extended life or if they are past economically viable repair.


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If an item is no longer usable then the staff at the workshop will break the item down into its component parts which, can be recycled through recognised disposal routes (currently, we have arrangements with AWA refineries in Essex, UCAN recycling from Sheffield and TC Skip Hire)              or held in stock to facilitate repairs to other donated items.

If an item can be given an extended life, it is offered for sale to the general public or community groups at a realistic price, with a guarantee that once it has reached the end of its working life it can be returned to CRC for treatment.

All monies generated is used to create training and employment opportunities for our chosen workforce that is drawn from those people who have either a physical or mental difficulty and have been unable to find appropriate opportunities for training or work.


In addition we welcome personal visits to our workshop where the staff will be happy to provide customised equipment to suit your needs, to take in your old electrical goods or to repair your computer, laptop or other equipment.